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Welcome to

This a new web site which I am currently adding pages to pretty much daily and I hope it will provide useful information aimed at those who have or are directly affected by Aspergers Syndrome, created and run by an Aspergers person myself, therefore I will be sharing some of my own experiences.

I do however wish to hear other people who have or are directly affected by Aspergers Syndrome in some way, for example parents friends family, so there is useful information for them especially for parents of a child who has recently been diagnosed with the condition, I imagine that not knowing much about it the early stages must be hard to deal with and I can only see that if this is you, you will be having fears for the future as well hopefully some of the experiences provided by others will help you through this time.

As you can see then I really do want to hear from anyone who is living with Aspergers Syndrome whether it is they themselves or someone close to them who is the sufferer. If you would like to contribute please to e-mail me (Contact info @ bottom of page), it is a hope that eventually there will be some kind of forum to post these to rarther than via e-mail, however this will of course depend on available server features and resources.

Please also drop me a mail (Contact info @ bottom of page) if you are interested in helping with the site in other ways, can you write jscripts HTML etc, this is a bit of a learning project for me and help would be appreciated if anyone has the available time to join the team.

Linking to us? If you are then please also send me an e-mail (Contact info @ bottom of page), give the URL of the links location, and the URL of your home page, I'll check it out and if I feel that your site has content which may be useful to our visitors then I will post up a link to you and return the favor.

Webmaster Matthew John Joyce, e-mail address please make subjects of all mail as specific as possible to ease sorting through the mail thank you

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